2017-2020 QX60 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

2017-2020 QX60 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

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Please check the settings menu on the screen and verify that it looks like the above picture to ensure that the unit is compatible with your QX60. Add Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and YouTube to your Infiniti QX60! This unit differs from our other unit in that this unit does not feature a stand alone tablet like functiontialty. This is a great cost effective alternative to those that do not need full tablet functionality. Unlike our tablet style unit you cannot run apps directly on the unit (except YouTube).


-Wired & Wireless Apple CarPlay. You can use compatible CarPlay apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Pandora. Although wireless carplay is supported it is recommended to use wired for a more stable connection.


-Wired Android Auto. Get the convenience of Android Auto with apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Pandora at your fingertips.


-YouTube built in so you can use it without the need for screen mirroring. YouTube does require a data connection so you will need to use your phone as a hotspot or connect to a Wifi network for YouTube to work. Please note, you cannot log into your YouTube account as this is a special verision of YouTube which does not support account login. It does have built-in ad blocking.


-Integration with OEM controls. You can use the touch screen and rotary knob to navigate through the apps. All OEM controls such as sterring wheel track up/down, volume up/down, and back buttons work. You can even us the track forward/backward button on the CD play to change tracks. Touch screen and the rotary knob controller also work as expected.


-This unit does not support screen mirroring


-Plug and play installation requires no cutting or soldering and can be uninstalled if needed. Only tool required is a philips head screw driver. Please note, installation does require disassembly of the OEM upper screen.


-Installation video included with purchase. Click here to view the installation video

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